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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Oak Fire Pizzeria & Pub

Since I have written this review, what was once Stone Fire Pizza Company has now changed its name to Oak Fire Pizzeria & Pub. Same place, unfortunately same pizza.

Today I decided to go to a place I have heard a lot about, Stone Fire Pizza Company. It was Sunday so all my friends were actually around to join me for once. One of the reasons I went was the happy hour specials, every day the place has half price off drinks and pizza. The pizza on any other day is a little over priced, $13-$16 for a 12-inch pizza. But for 7 dollars its a steal! There were four of us and we got 3 different pizzas and although we were still hungry for more we called it quits. They have about 25 different kinds of pizza so it was tough to come to a decision.
We settled on of course the classic Margherita Pizza, the Sweet Pepper Sausage,
and the wild card, Prosciutto and Arugula. As you can see, thats a whole lotta arugula. There is prosciutto on it too, somewhere.
Since I have gone back I found the perfect toppings, the Meatball and sausage Pizza with yellow peppers to die for.
We also got a ridiculous dessert-fudge-ice-cream-pizza thing but thats a whole other blog.
The sausage one was really tasty. A very sweet sausage with caramelized onions and sun dried tomatoes.
Comparing it to other pizza places, I have to look at the cheese slice. As you can see, the crust is paper thin, so thin it becomes brittle and crumbles with a bite. It has no doughiness to it at all. This is not the right way to do it, in my opinion. The crust is very similar to Brick Dome Pizza, another place in the area. Other than the crust, it was all pretty good; the sauce was light and tangy and the cheese fit right in. There could have been a little more of the cheese and sauce, but with thin crust like that you can't pile on ingredients too well. The other crazier toppings were very good but the crust remains the same. This is a hard place to rate because it tasted good but at the same time it wasn't what I was looking for . It is a little expensive, but at the same time happy hour makes it reasonable. They do have a few chicago style, deep dish pizzas that I will have to try some other day, maybe that's the way to go. But I am on the hunt for a New York style pizza, and this was not it.

829 N. La Cienega Blvd West Hollywood 90069
12258 Ventura Blvd Sherman Oaks 91423
Price: (without happy hour) $$$

Stone Fire Pizza Co. in Los Angeles


  1. Are you coming to the westside to try pizza? Because the pizza is much better here. By much better I mean, awful, god awful.

  2. Im making my way out there, one pizza at a time. Well, sometimes two.

  3. Nice site you have going. I love pizza too and have tried over a dozen places in LA. I think you'll find Vito's and Mozza to be pretty damn close to 5 points (at least four, maybe 4.5). But you'll have to find out for yourself.

  4. We went there for dinner and the pizza, though not conventional, was truly outstanding. As far as I'm concerned, I don't care about the NY authenticity as much as just how good the pizza is on its own merits. We had a pepperoni and GREEN olive pizza (the 'magic' ingredient for a touch more saltiness). The crust was similar to the pizza's at Sharkey's Mexican Restaurant, but not a tortilla. It has a buttery flavor to it. The rest of the ingredients were fresh and top notch in every respect. The pepperoni was tasty and the cheese wasn't greasy, which means it's not processed junk. As a side note, the chopped Italian salad (with small salami cubes) had the yummiest dressing I've had in a long time. Highly recommended.


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