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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Garage Pizza

I tell you I was really excited for this one.  I had heard great things.  It wasn't all wrong either.

It is a small dark place easily missable in a strip mall.  It looks on the inside more like a bar than a pizza joint.  
I picked up a large cheese pizza.  They only have one size, 18 inches and the best part is was only 14 dollars.   Great price, I'm loving this place already.  I took a bite and it was extremely crispy and thin.  Some may say it was too crispy even a little burnt.  Maybe so, but after all the pizza I've had with a crust that is doughy, this is a nice change.  My only complaint with the crust is, as I discovered after it had cooled a few degrees, that it was kind of dry.  The outer edge being that it was so extremely crispy and thin was more like a crunchy bread stick.  The sauce too I was loving at first, really sweet.  Then as I ate more I got to thinking it was too sweet, I didn't know there was such a thing.  But I really think I could taste the sugar.  The cheese was light and not a major factor, in fact the cheese and sauce were both put on light but a more prominent sauce taste.  The grease did its job to soften the crust up a bit but it was just too dry.    
For such high expectations and the fact that I was starving when I ate it, it tasted pretty good.  One of the better pizzas I have had in LA, for sure.  The sauce was a touch too sweet and the crust too dry.  But the fact that they weren't afraid to cook their pizza's crust gives them points. If I lived near by I'd order it several times.  

Garage Pizza - 4339 W. Sunset Blvd. 90029
Price: 14$ for a 18 inch cheese

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  1. I like this place a LOT, but only if eaten on the premises.

    keep up the good work. surely this is THE authoritative pizza blog of LA.

  2. Well maybe they import the water for their new york style pizza,BUT THEY FORGOT TO IMPORT THE TASTE!!! TRUST ME i'M FROM bROOKLYN. another wanna be NY pizza place bites the dust .


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