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Monday, April 6, 2009

Bravo Pizza

This is another typical average pizza.  It will deliver almost anywhere and supposedly very cheap.  Although you have to get the deals they offer.  I ordered a 14 inch pizza and it was 13 dollars plus a couple for a tip.  So for the kind of pizza it is, not cheap.  Unless you have a coupon.  Which in any grocery store would make you an old lady.  This is not the case for pizza however, coupons are a big part of the scene.  
Sorry for the blurry picture.  To describe it to you, the crust was surprisingly crispy and thin.  Still over all on the thicker side but surprising.  You can see it was cooked long, by the burned cheese. The cheese is a little too browned.  The sauce and cheese were put on pretty heavy.  The sauce was not great, kind of a heavy thick paste.  The crust on this pizza was better than most of this variety, however the rest of the pizza was kind of a failure.    

Bravo Pizza -  5142 Hollywood Blvd.  90027
Price: $$
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