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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pronto Pizza

There is Domino's and there is Papa John's and then theirs Pronto Pizza. I feel like they would be honored to be mentioned in the same sentence as the big chain, pizza deliverers. That's what Pronto Pizza is going for. It is your typical commercial delivery pizza. It is cheap ($5 for a 14''), it is thick and doughy and lots of cheese and sauce. There are about 7 or so around the LA area.

Here is the pizza, sorry I already ate half !
I have to say though, it is better than all the national delivery chains. The crust was actually somewhat crispy, on the bottom and the outer edge. Yes it was just cooked on one of those conveyor belt ovens which is a big no-no, but they have a trick that I have not seen before. In similar Chicago fashion, they make and cook their pizza in a deep, cast iron dish, not the usual flat metal pan. The cast iron keeps the heat in better and covers more of the pizza. An interesting technique for a pizza that is not deep dish, though it was on the thick side.
As you can see there is a lot of dough on the edges, and it is a little thick but, it was crispy, moist and doughy and didn't taste like oily, buttery badness. I imagine it tasted exactly like their breadsticks, minus the buttery liquid slapped on with a paint brush.
The sauce and cheese were nothing special, typical generic ingredients. Despite their cheap quality, they tasted fresh and again lacked strong oil and salt flavor. The sauce was light and sweet, but again not too bad.
Plus they have some great juices imported from Mexico there. I recommend the Tamarind juice, I had never had it. It is an indescribable flavor, but good and refreshing.
For what it is and the price, it's not bad.

Pronto Pizza
4165 Beverly Blvd. LA 90004
Price: ¢

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  1. Pronto Pizza could do alittle better the flavors are kinda plain the dough needs a little more salt.. but service is Great!

  2. I want to go to Pronto Pizza because I've heard that it is one of the best +pizzas in the world I have to go there by my own, because I don't like the rumors I want to have facts.


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