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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yammy Pizza

Yammy Pizza. Google will correct you and tell you that you meant yummy pizza. More evidence that google doesn't know everything.
This place opened just this week. Fresh and new. It apparently replaced a frozen yogurt/smoothie type place. It seems they are trying to keep the smoothie crowd. The sign as you can see has printed underneath: coffee/smoothie/espresso - which is not the norm for pizza places. Plus the inside looks somewhat like a pink berry but with pizza displayed behind the counter instead of yogurt.
I ordered a 14 inch cheese pizza which seems the be their biggest size, currently. It was under $11 dollars which is good.
There was a good amount of cheese, more than the sauce. It was stringy and tasted pretty good, but very oily. Oil was dripping all over the place. I don't mind oil too much, but it was pushing the limit. The sauce was not overpowering, in fact you couldn't taste it all that much. It had a good amount of spices mixed in, but mainly it was just cheese, oil and bread that you tasted.
The thin crust was a dense, fairly pure dough that was slightly chewy and slightly crispy and at first.
This pizza I'd say was a 3 going in. While it was hot it was crispy and had good flavors and stringy cheese. It quickly cooled however and became more of a generic, greasy pizza. The cheese solidified and was just an oily topping and the crust became doughy and dense.
For the price it is an average pizza.

Yammy Pizza
6767 W. Sunset Blvd. Hollywood 90028
323 993 9333
Price: $

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  1. I think they use whole milk cheese, brand "Grande" which is the highest quality in pizza industry. I also know from internal sources that their consultant was Big Dave Ostrander who is GURU in pizza world. Google him and you will find he is the MAN. He has webiste: Thousands of pizza crazies rely on his opinions. Why? He is the main speaker and a judge for pizza tasting contests on PIZZA EXPO every year. I'm sure he set up "Yammy Pizza's" taste right way.

  2. I've tasted Big Dave's Bodacious B.L.T pizza and New York White - this are the pizzas of the pizzas. BLT came with freshly chopped lettuce and cube rome tomatoes - very delicious.

  3. They have very good pepperoni and cheese. Very good.

  4. I'm originally from Oscoda, MI where Big Dave owned Big Dave's Pizza. The BLT is phenomenal as is pretty much everything else he creates. Sadly, Big Dave's is no longer opened as he sold his restaurant. His breadsticks were pretty delicious as well.

  5. You really made a knockout pizza here. Forget Pizza Hut, you make a far better version with all those flavor inducing ingredients!

  6. the truth is I love any type of pizza. for it's just pizza and that is all, I have to discuss anything else, but let me say that one, down on the picture makes me think as it is one of the bests!!! Or is it just that I am starving right now?


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