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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Endings Bar

Happy Endings is not a pizza joint nor is it a restaurant. First and foremost it is a bar. A bar that is loud and annoying, in my experience. I would never go there if they didn't have a lot of well positioned TV's for football watching at 10 in the morning. When I go there to watch football, I often end up getting the food. Which isn't all that bad. For what it is, bar food, it is dressed up to be a little fancier, and with that comes: over priced.
Regardless, I have managed to catch glimpses of the pizza as it went by, and have eaten a slice or two here and there. I always discounted the pizza, because it is a bar and because I don't like the place. However, recently I had a slice and thought I should review it, because it is in fact not that bad.
I ordered what I was told was 16 inches, it actually was closer to 18 inches, and the price was about 16 dollars. So not too bad.
Initially I was pretty impressed with this pizza. It has a light sweet tomato sauce, with a good amount of cheese, and a fairly crispy crust. Of course after I got deeper into it, I realized it didn't have all that much flavor. Just kind of greasy and salty from the cheese. Thats about it, the dough didn't have anything to it and the sauce was just there. The amount of sauce and cheese and the overall structure of the dough was all right and good. It just didn't wow me. The cooler the pizza got, the less I wanted any. Plus the crust wasn't really crispy enough, and it got pretty chewy as the minutes ticked by.

9 times out of 10 the people eating this pizza will have been drinking, therefore their rational thinking would make them believe that the pizza was amazing. Of course I don't doubt that completely sober people might think this too. I wish it was better, but it's just above average. Of course I'd be happy to eat it after several beers.
Happy Endings - 7038 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood
Price: $$

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1 comment:

  1. i had pizza here once. i will eat nearly any pizza, even though Two Boots is probably my favorite since it reminds me of my days in Greenwich Village. i even spent three years of law school eating cafeteria pizza nearly everyday...
    this was the worst pizza i ever had. the plavor was horrible, the crust was pretty much impossible to chew even when first brought out of the oven. I managed one slice bc I was hungry, but it was difficult. my friends that were with me tried a few bites and silently went back to their food. pretty much the entire pizza got discarded...such a disappointment. I know really good pizza and appreciate it, but I am not a particularly discriminating gourmet type and so to not even be able to choke it down should indicate just how horrible it was. Next time I'll stop at Ralphs and get a $1.00 frozen pizza and just ask them to shove it in the microwave for


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