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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Best Pizza in LA

This is of course is an impossible task. To pick 10 of the best places is tough and you always will leave some good places out, even in a below average pizza town like LA. Even harder is to rank one good pizza higher than another good pizza. However, it is necessary to at least have a list, in order or not, of the best pizza places in town.

So as of 2/13/10 here are the best pizzas in LA that I have visited, in no particular order. This will forever change as I discover better places. Click link for further info.

Michael's Pizzeria - Long Beach
Vito's Pizza - West Hollywood
DeSano's Pizza - Los Angeles
Mother Dough - Los Feliz CLOSED
Joe's Pizza - Santa Monica/Sunset Strip
Village Pizzeria - Larchmont Blvd
LaRocco's Pizzeria - Culver City
Antica Pizzeria - Marina Del Ray
Folliero's - Highland Park
Il Capriccio Pizzeria - Los Feliz/Silverlake
Pagliacci's - Studio City
Al Gelato - Beverly Hills
Mulberry St Pizzeria - Beverly Dr and Canon Dr and Venture Blvd - Beverly Hills/Encino
Nicky D's - Silverlake
Cristoni Pizzeria - Hollywood
Ciao Cristina - Burbank
Garage Pizza - Silverlake
LA Pizza Company - Downtown

I'm sure you all know one that should be on the list, and for every one that should be, I'm sure you know one that should be cut. Save it for your own blog. Right now theses are some good pizza joints in my opinion.
If there are ones you thought should be here try looking here: Best of the rest
Take care now, and enjoy your pizza.


  1. Have you tasted the pizza from Roma Mia? Or from Alberto's? It's the bsest for me.


    Interesting Best Pizza in LA article from the Huffington Post.


    K! Pizzacone - What do you think?!

  4. 好文章就值得回響,如果可以常常看到您的更新,應該是件很幸福的事情~~ ........................................

  5. Love pizza a lot. I've been travelling to places and taste their pizza. I also have not tasted pizza from ecuador

  6. Have you tasted the pizza??
    well in Canada i tastes dat was delicious..
    well great Effort & nice Video

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  8. Really like this website, this really helps and very useful.

  9. I love these Videos..
    now i feel like Having Pizza..
    Well you enjoy Your Effort:-)

  10. Hey great stuff, thank you for sharing this useful information and i will let know my friends as well.

  11. Brother, you're blog is a life saver. I'm from Bensonhurst in Brooklyn and I can't stand the pizza out here. When you describe what you look for in a slice, I'm going here's a guy who knows. But bro, last week I had a slice at Vito's and I'm sad to report, it was almost unedible. The slice was so soggy, it wouldn't hold. It was like they dumped the slice in a bucket of water. Aside from that experience, I'm enjoying going through your top pizzeria list. Thanks a bunch and keep up the good work!

  12. Really has a liberty when pizzas coming to your place. Can't refuse any of this kind of food. Delicious and really love to eat. Good thing to know that we exactly pass this through us and it will exactly enjoying of this.

  13. Everyone should really check out Delancey on Sunset!! They have amazing and top quality pizzas along with other great things such as sandwiches and house made pastas. My favorite pizza is the Rivington! It comes with spinach, ricotta, mozzarella, garlic and black pepper. It really just melts in your mouth! They also have a large selection of beers and wine.

  14. Hi! I was looking for some great advice on pizza. Have you tried Clusi Batusi on Sawtelle? I loved Mother Dough, but this place is really amazing too!! A new pizza joint that is definitely an undiscovered jewel.


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