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Friday, July 4, 2008

Tony's Bella Vista Ristorante

This is an old  style Italian restaurant.  When you walk in its dark with big red leather booths, and the smell of good Italian food.  It is hard for me going into these Italian restaurants to get only pizza.  I always want to try their pasta too.  The only thing I like better than pizza is pasta.  But as much as I want to try these places ravioli's, I can't because I'm on a mission to eat pizza.

So for all I know their dinner is amazing, but I can tell you for sure what the pizza tastes like, dirt.  No just kidding.  Seriously, it wasn't bad.  I got a large cheese, 15'' for about 14 dollars.  The ingredients were fresh, the sauce had good flavor and the cheese was pure mozzarella and was pretty well cooked on top.  They did an interesting thing, by drizzling some sauce on top of the cheese in addition to underneath, which gave it a stronger tomato flavor and made it a bit messier.  The crust was its downfall, as I've said so many times.  The flavor of the bread wasn't bad, it was the texture.  It was chewy and thick.  Also very dense.  I guess the good thing was I couldn't eat too much of it, because it was so filling.  Apparently, like I'm finding with so many other places, offer a thin crust option.  I thought thats what I was getting here, but maybe they have a thinner option that would be better.  Either way the pizza was just ok.  

Tony's Bella Vista Ristorante - 3116 Magnolia, Blvd.  Burbank 91505
Price: $$
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