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Monday, May 25, 2009

Louigi's Italian Kitchen

Louigi's looks like a trendy little Italian kitchen with its nice out door patio.  Though on the inside its just a counter and another few tables.  They have some interesting sandwiches and pastas, though judging by their pizza I'm not sure how great they are.  Their menu logo has some Italian chef with a pizza and a dog under his arm.  It is supposed to be homey and cute but it just make me worry the dog might get hair in the pizza.
I ordered a large cheese pizza that was 14 inches for $10.
As you can see the cheese was very prominent.  It didn't just look that way, there was a lot of it.  The cheese tasted a little wrong to me.  It was all white which seemed good, but the flavor was a little off.  I actually called them back to see if it was actually Mozzarella, they said it was.  Maybe it was low fat or just a low grade cheese.  In my opinion, if they are gonna use a low grade cheese I almost prefer them to just go with a mixture of different cheeses instead.  Anyway the cheese was pretty much the only flavor here so felt I had to investigate.  Everything else tasted pretty bland.  The sauce didn't have much of a chance to survive with all the cheese so there was no fresh tomato taste.  The only flavor that would have come through was oregano but their didn't seem to be any of that.  The crust was decent.  It was very thin and crispy on the outer edge, a little charred.  Though after it cooled it just became kind of chewy and tasteless.  I was disappointed the moment I left the patio.  Maybe next time Louigi.

Louigi's Italian Kitchen
1644 Sawtelle Blvd. West Los Angeles

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  1. To begin with, the pizza did not do so much as even catch my interest. It looked boring, in contrast to the cute trellis they used to decorate their place.And it hardly surprised me to find out from your comment it that it was a real disappointment. I expected it.

  2. I really like Louigi's Italian Kitchen and I recommend.

  3. Me gusta mucho de Louigi's Italian Kitchen y lo recomiendo.


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