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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ocean Park Pizza

This is a little slice pizza parlor on Ocean Park in Santa Monica. They have a little of everything there it seems. Down the road is Pizza Fusion, so if you live in this area those are basically your options.

I just had a slice from here because I was on my way to get other pizza elsewhere. Which might have been a mistake because the slices in the little rotating box didnt looks so good or fresh, ironically.
I ordered once cheese slice, he warmed it up and as a result the crust was pretty crispy which was good. The cheese slice was 3 dollars maybe. You can get 2 slices and a soda for 5.95. A large 18'' cheese pie is $14, not bad.
Here is the slice:
It tastes just slightly better than it looks. It is New York style like advertised. Thin and crispy crust. A slightly sweet sauce with lots of oregano and other spices. The cheese was o.k., a little oily perhaps. Overall it was pretty typical pizza, nothing fancy or over the top. It was just plain old pizza that will satisfy but not necessarily make you come crying back for more.
If your only other option is Pizza Fusion or Dominos I think it will not be a hard choice. All are distinctly different pizzas, different range of quality and a different price to match. I myself, would go with Ocean Park Pizza.

Ocean Park Pizza
2819 1/2 Ocean Park Blvd. Santa Monica
Price: $

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  1. Im from new york and l think its the best pizza in los angeles

  2. men point the direction of this site, because the next weekend I have to make a trip to Los Angeles, I go to visit my parents, so I gonna take the chance to taste this pizza, when I do that, I'll be back to put a new feedback.


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