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Friday, January 15, 2010

Bravo Pizza

There is a lotta hype about this place. Locals love it and pizza fanatics rave about it. Not to be confused with another Bravo pizza chain in Los Angeles that may not even exist anymore.
The place is pretty cool with outside seating, a great selection of food, pizza by the slice and of course their wonderful desert. Most importantly being the cannolis, which are straight from Ferrara Cafe, one of the best pastry and coffee houses in Little Italy, New York. They have the best, hands down cannolis in the country. Filling and shell put together per order. Bravo Pizza is not just a seller of the Ferrara's cannoli, but a part of Ferrara's itself, being shared by the same set of owners, along with a Italian restaurant called Bravo Cucina.
Now all that being said lets get to the pizza. They have two sizes; a large 18'' and a small 12''. I didn't really want the small so I had to go big. One large 18'' cheese pie for 20 bucks. This is a little on the pricey side but they have a lot of good coupons for buying one pizza and getting another for free or half off.
The pizza looked pretty delicious. The slices were massive, flopping about as I ate them dripping with grease and oozing of cheese. There was a healthy amount of both sauce and cheese on this pie. With the super thin, middle of the crust and the not-so-crispy and tough bottom it made for a messy meal. The first flavor and pretty much the only flavor to consume your taste buds as you eat a slice is the tomato sauce. It has a resonating sweet and savory taste. Slightly spiced, fresh and sweet. I really liked it, though I prefer a sauce that is more naturally sweet, I felt this had a bit of sugar added. This was the defining characteristic of this pie and really the best quality too. The cheese was decent, it tasted fresh enough.
The crust was the main downfall for me. The consistency seemed wrong. It was dense and cake-y. Rich and heavy. Other than a light golden covering on top it wasn't all that crispy or chewy. I found it hard to finish the ends of each slice, just too much bread-y and bland mouthfuls.
The sauce was good enough to make it noteworthy, but the crust just ruined it for me. To me the crust is responsible for the overall satisfaction of the pizza. This obviously is once again my opinion. If you like a thicker cake-ier consistency then you might like this one.

Oh and by the way they are open late, and that is great. No matter what the pizza tastes like.

2400 Main St. Santa Monica
Price: $$

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