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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Robbie Mac's

Today I drove into Sherman Oaks for a late lunch.  To a place I used to eat at a lot many years ago, when I was just a boy selling newspapers at the local stand next door.  Everyday I would get a slice.  After standing for 8 hours outside in the heat a great slice of pizza filled my needs.  This time I got more than a slice, I ordered a large 16 inch cheese pizza, for 16 dollars.  A little on the pricey side but the ambience is a relaxing small pizza joint with big TV's for sports and a few beers on tap. 

The pizza was not as enjoyable this time around.  Perhaps driving 20 minutes out of the way to get it, having to pay for it (I usually got free slices) and not being super hungry after a long day of hard work, probably didn't help the taste of the pizza.  This is a good thing, I had it at face value, nothing swayed my taste buds.  
I have had a lot of pizza out here in LA by now, and unfortunately as much as I'd like to praise the pizza I can't.  I was average pizza.  Nothing more nothing less.  The main thing you taste is all the spices, specifically oregano.  They just load it on here, I think the sauce has a strong spicy flavor and then I think they put additional spices on the pizza as a whole.  I love Oregano but after a couple slices it becomes too much.  For a positive, the sauce and cheese had good balance, and the crust was pretty crispy and thin.  They use a more traditional cornmeal bottom with fits the flavor of the pizza pretty well.  Although the crust was not exactly right either, it was chewy and kind of flaky.  It was definitely not a fresh mound of dough that went in that oven, and a very buttery taste as well.  
I think they cook the pizza the way they want to cook it.  They have a definite plan, everything is intentional.  Some people may like this flavor and style of pizza.  But its not what Im looking for.  

Robbie Mac's Pizza - 14502 Ventura Blvd Sherman Oaks, CA
Price: $$
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