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Friday, July 24, 2009

LaRocco's Pizzeria

This is a small place hiding on Main Street in Culver City. It is even smaller when the farmers market comes to town. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of publicity about this place, at least not like Mozza, Vitos, Village or Casa Bianca. So it slipped through the cracks at least on my radar. Can you believe radar can have cracks. Anyway I found it through a recommendation of a friend, and boy am I glad I found it.
Up to this point I felt like I had eaten all the pizza that was worth eating in L.A. The last month or 2 I have been eating nothing but crap. I was disappointed and missed the east coast more than ever. It was a let down that 150 pizza joints ago I tried Vito's and Village Pizzeria and haven't found a better place since. I could have stopped this blog after 2 places. However to my surprise, there is a place that is actually as good as the above mentioned.

I ordered the only size they have a large 18 inch cheese pizza. It was around $18 so a little pricey but worth it.
The pizza was fantastic. Just what a pizza should be. It was thin and crispy, a little chewy and a little doughy but mainly just crispy. It had a good amount of cheese and sauce that mixed well together and produced a slightly salty oil. The sauce was light and sweet, with some other herb flavors mixing in.
It is most similar to Vitos. In fact the pizzas are almost identical. I would say Vito's has a thinner crust that doesn't have as much rise to it. Though I'd like to eat these at the same time to really decide which is better. Both are excellent pizzas that are far better than the majority of pizza in LA. These places are good examples of what pizza is to the East Coast. They represent N.Y. right. They have slices, large pies, fresh ingredients and the basic understanding of how to cook pizza. Thank God all the pizza tasting was not a waste. I finally found another place that I can call a good N.Y. slice.


3819 Main St. Culver City 90232
Price: $

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