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Monday, March 15, 2010

Brunello Trattoria

This is a slightly fancy but casual Italian Eatery in Culver City. I try to stay away from Italian restaurants but this place specializes in pizza and I had heard from many that they had high quality pizza.
I went a little crazy with the ordering, I got a large margherita which was a generous 14 inches for 12.25. Then I ordered a pizza that caught my eye despite not liking half the things on the pizza. It was called Quattro Stagioni or four stages or tastes. This was also 14 inches for 13.50. So needless to say it was too much pizza for one person.
The 4 tastes was interesting. It was split into 4 quadrants separated by a single strand of pasta. Each with a different combination of tastes. One of which was just plain cheese which I already had.
The second was a combination of whole cloves of cooked garlic, black olives and capers, with tomato sauce and oregano. I don't care for black olives but this was a pretty good combo, even though I took most of the olives off.
The 3rd was a prosciutto and mushroom combo with tomato and mozzarella. Again I am not a fan of mushrooms but it would have been a good combo as well.

Last was a piled high quadrant of artichokes and eggplant w/ tomato sauce and mozz. This one I at all of.
So why I ordered this I dont know, I am a simple guy who likes simple everyday toppings if I get toppings at all. Though it was all pretty good, very filling and heavy. The ingredients were all fresh and prepared well with generous amounts but not over doing it. They were all cooked with the pizza mixed in with each other, the tomato sauce and the cheese. I like the prosciutto the best, it was juicy slices of cooked meat under neath melted mozz.
On with the cheese, the basis of my review.

It looks great as most pizza does and it didn't let me down too much. There were 2 different styles of cheese, one was a fresher mozz cut in chunks, and the other was a shredded mozz that possibly wasn't as fresh and had a little bit of oil seeping through. This is the first pizza I've seen that put cheese on both ways. The sauce was a light simple sweet sauce only lightly spiced. There were whole leaves of basil hidden within the cheese as well. The crust was thick and doughy, but had a good tough texture and crispy outside to it. It was cooked really well and kept the crust at its best potential. Though a little too thick for me. Especially the outer ring of dough which was just too much to eat. I couldn't enjoy as much of the sauce and cheese and toppings that I wanted to. The pizza as a whole was a little dry as well. The ratio of cheese to sauce was good but the thicker crust was too much for the light sauce. The cooler the pizza got the dryer and harder to eat the pizza became. A little more sauce would have been better but I think the main problem was just the height of the bottom crust.
I quality pizza but not quite my style and not as good as I expected.

Brunello Trattoria
6001 Washington Blvd Culver City 90232
310 280 3856
Price: $
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  1. seems tasty like my favorite pizza volante :D

  2. I am definitely order a pizza for lunch today...hate your looks so yummy....


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