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Friday, August 8, 2008

The Pizza Box

On my pizza journey I have discovered many interesting things about pizza.  One of which I never gave much thought to mainly because its not really that interesting.

Pizza Boxes.  They are all made the same.  All the same cardboard cutouts, as anyone who's ever worked in a pizza shop can tell you, as they put together their 50th box of the day.  
The one thing  I found interesting was the picture on the front.  Out of more than 70 different pizza places I've ordered from, there were only a few different pictures on the front.  I'm pretty sure that all over the country the same pictures exist.  I hope who ever designed the front of a pizza box is getting paid.  Talk about exploitation. 
Here are a few common pictures you will recognize, 
this is the classy one, that is more common.  
The 3 at the top you will notice all have a fat italian guy on them, similar to Mario  (except that first one looks kind of funny, like a french muppet )
All theses guys are very similar, mustache, red handkerchief, chefs hat, and of course pizza. 
(I just saw an old episode of Saved By The Bell and they all ordered pizza, and it came in the box in the upper left corner - that was probably 15 years ago)

Of course there are those places who like a custom box, usually the chains or some fancy place.  Probably a good 50 to 60 percent have their own box.  
These boxes usually put less focus on the fat Mario and pizza pictures and more on the name and number of the place.  I like the ruler on Big Mama's.

This one was the only original one I saw that didn't have it's name on it.  It's very nice.
Anyway, just a slight observation.  Next time you order pizza take a look at the box, it will probably look like one of these.
Also if you want to reap the benefits of recylcing, take a look at this Pizza Box Airplane

Ok, actually just did some searching online for pizza boxes, this is more than you'll ever need to know about them, haha Pizza Packaging


  1. There's a place in Anaheim, CA, called Carolina's" and they deliver with the "Hot Fresh Pizza" box. You should try that one, and review it!, but you have to drive a lot!
    Hail Pizza

  2. I was thinking of starting my own pizza business and your blog is helping me a lot. :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.


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