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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dales Jr. - New York Pizza

On my way to Barone's Pizza I saw this store front driving by.  I couldn't resist to stop in.  It is a convenience store called Dales Jr.  Inside is a little pizza kitchen.  I was unsure of the relation of the pizza place to the liquor store.  This might be a separate business called New York Pizza.  Either way it boasts the style of NY.  I only intended to get a slice.  When I went in, they did indeed have a display case of cheese slices.  However, they looked pretty old.  So I went with a medium cheese.  It was I believe 12 inches for just over $6.      
After I played a bit of Pac Man ((Which is another thing I could write a whole blog about.  This pac man was set up to be really easy, but the joystick stuck and you could insert more coins to continue, which isn't right with pac man.))  anyway, my pizza was ready in about 10 minutes.
It looked a lot better than the slices on display.  For what it was (liquor store pizza) it wasn't half bad.  The crust was surprisingly crispy.  Not as crispy as it could have been but crispy enough.  Although the dough was pretty generic and a little on the thick side.  The sauce was a little lacking as well.  Not too much flavor either pretty bland. 
Not too much to say about it really, better than I thought i'd be but really not that great.    

Dales Jr. Pizza 
12500 Oxnard St, Los Angeles, CA 91606
Price: $


  1. My family owns this place. It is very interesting to find an review online, with a video no less!

  2. This guy is stupid. He does not know what he's talking about. How about we criticize the guy...”From the looks of it” his face is greasy, “From the looks of it” his face looks like the pepperoni was removed, “From the looks of it” he’s too much of a lard a$$ and “From the looks of it” he need to get a life.

  3. I knew David Dale...A great man...RIP

  4. I like Dale's NY Pizza.
    It could always be better though...

    If they tossed/stressed the dough more, it would come out with more "bubbles" in the crust like classic NY pizza.
    Also, if they rolled it just a tad thinner, that would kick it up too.

    But it ain't bad as-is.


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