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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pizza Mania

Driving down Pico, in a relatively Jewish neighborhood, with several Kosher pizza joints from Shalom Pizza to Pizza Station, is Pizza Mania. You can't miss it with the larger than life cut outs of pizza on top of the building. This is not a Kosher place. Which really makes no difference. The pizzas are technically the same. If you ask the guy who runs Pizza Mania he'll say the difference is price. Which could be true. I got a Large 14'' cheese for 9 dollars. Three dollars less than Pizza Station.

I of course was to hungry to wait before I took a picture, so here is a nice Pacman shaped pizza. This pizza based on the picture looks really good. I have to say the first few bits were just as good. There was a great balance between salty, oily and sweet tomatoes. The sauce was plain tomatoes that were sweet and slightly bitter, with only the slightest hint of spices. The cheese was right and put on with the right amount compared with the sauce. There was a slight reminiscent flavor of a NY pizza, whether it was the messy oil or the sweet sauce or the floury bottom, it had that going on.
But not so fast it wasn't near perfect. The crust as usual is where it faltered. The bottom and for the most part the outer edge was not crispy. The bottom center was floppy and soggy and the thickness inclined quickly, so after a couple bits the crust was just too thick and doughy. The dough didn't taste too bad, the quality was a bit generic and had it been crispy and thin, it would have been the right consistency. So unfortunately another average pizza. But in an area where all there seems to be is average food this might be the best bet.

Pizza Mania
6116 1/2 Pico Blvd LA 90035
Price: $

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