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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Italia Express

Within the great Westfield Mall is a fancy food court. One of the fancy eateries is called Italia Express. They serve slices of pizza, calzones, lasagna, garlic bread and some basic pasta. In my tradition to order a whole pie I started to ask for one. Then I came to my senses and realized it wasn't worth it, that was around the time she told me the price. It would be somewhere over 20 dollars I can't quite remember exactly. It was, I'm estimating, an 18 inch pizza. So instead I just ordered a slice of cheese, which is no cheaper. A slice of pizza, granted it is a generous slice, is 5 dollars. Way, way too much. They had different combo deals: a slice and a drink, 2 slices and a salad and a drink, and so on. Most of them were over 9 dollars, and none of them were "deals".

Sorry to rant on the price. It is an upscale mall so I guess you have to assume the high prices. The food court though aside from the fancy architecture has nothing upscale about it. Sure there are place you wouldn't expect to find in a mall dinning hall, like Baja Fresh, Fudruckers, and Coral Tree Cafe but they aren't exactly high quality food places, certainly not Panda Express. The Itlali Express goes right along with the trend of mediocre food with high prices.

I guess people compare it to Sbarro because it's in a food court. I guess it is somewhat similar and definitely much better. Actually this pizza wasn't half bad. It was very satisfying. Very cheesy, very greasy, a very thin and crispy crust. It had a lot of spices and flavoring in the sauce. The salty, sweet and savory all worked well in satisfying my mouth. Though too greasy and a little too over flavored in my opinion.
That being said, in a place like that with a price like that you should get more. You should get something original and upscale perhaps.

Italia Express
Westfield Mall - Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood
Price: $$$

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