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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Asparagus Pizza

It is a good thing I love pizza, because at this point I have eaten more average slices than I can count.  As soon as I get a place that is even slightly above average I will probably praise the Pizza Gods.  I am even starting to think that the average pizza I am eating now taste pretty good, but I know better.  The pizza place I ate at today is called Asparagus Pizza, simply because they have a pizza with asparagus on it.  I don’t know about you, but Im not a big fan of those green stalky veggies, so I skipped that and stuck to the cheese.  With a name and a specialty like that I expected it to be a more trendy or fancier place.  To my surprise it was just a simple run down delivery place in the middle of a strip mall on Yucca and Cahuenga Blvd.

 There was pizza pre-made sitting in a little heated display case that kind of looked awful, and I thought about running out with no pizza at all.  Just then the man looked at me for an order so I picked up the large cheese I had ordered.  It was 15 dollars and change for a 15 in, considering the type of place and the size, it was not the right price.  Thankfully, the pizza looked a lot better in the box, it looked like it had been cooked longer, the top had little brown spots and the crust wasn’t white as a ghost, like the one sitting at the counter. 

That being said it was still under cooked, the crust was lightly browned and really doughy on the inside. The sauce and cheese were good though not so much flavor, but tasty.  It was another typical amateur slice.  The heartbreaking thing here was it seemed like the crust had a lot of potential.  It was light and airy, and had even started to bubble up at the edge, and it tasted good on top of that.  If they had a good oven, like a brick one, they could have cranked that heat, cooked it in less time so as not to burn the cheese and it might have been the best pizza I ever had, maybe.  Probably not with Asparagus Pizza.  On to the next joint.

Asparagus Pizza - 1809 N Cahuenga Blvd.
Price: $$

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