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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Venice Deli

At work this is our go to place for lunch, they deliver and they are cheap.  The subs are great and so are the calzones.  The pizza however I never had, until now.  They only serve up 2 sizes, medium and small.  Medium is only 12 inches, the small has got to be pretty tiny.  The funny thing is they have a large size for their salads, the large caesar salad is like a party platter size.  It is big enough for about 10 hundred people.  It is ridiculous, especially when you don't know and you order it.  

I got sausage on my pizza this time to make up for the size.  So the pizza is alright.  Thats what I thought on the first bite.  On the second slice I wasn't really feeling it.  Half way through I didn't like it at all.  After my appetite was fulfilled and the pizza got colder it wasn't all that great.  The ingredients were second rate, the cheese seemed to be a mixed bag of shredded, processed, generic stuff.  The sauce was light on some slices, and when you could taste it, it didn't give any flavor.  The crust was pretty crispy and didn't taste all that bad actually, however it was a little too thick and dense to be legit.  It also was very, very tough and chewy.  I got through 3 little slices (by the way, I love when you call the place and ask how big their pizzas are, and they give you the number of slices, which is always 8.  What does the number of slices have to do with the size.  You can cut it into any number you want.  Yeah there were 8 slices, 8 tiny slices.) Anyway 3 slices were enough to satisfy, after that I got tired of it. 

That is actually a pretty good test of how good the pizza is.  If it is a good pizza, every time you have a slice you should want another until you are completely bloated and can't possibly eat anymore.  If every slice, you enjoy less and less, that is obviously not as good pizza.  The more slices that are satisfying the higher the rating.  The best bite of the pizza is the first, no matter how bad the pizza or not hungry you are, that first bite is always good.  If the first bite of the second slice is just as good or better, well then you got yourself a good pizza.
First slice of Venice Deli Pizza = 3.5
Second slice  = 3.3
Third slice =  2.7
I only had 6 of the 8 and the last one I'd say rolled in around a 1.8 or so.  

So sorry to bore you with all this weird math and round about nonsense, I am clearly writing before I think, but whatever.

Venice Deli - 1403 W burbank Blvd 91506
Price: $
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