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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vinny's Pizza

Vinny's Pizza is a cool bar/restaurant in a quaint little area in downtown El Segundo. It has a great outside patio with TVs and a good beer selection. It also has pizza. Which according to their name, they are known for. So I ordered a large 16 inch pizza for 12 dollars, way cheaper than Stuft Pizza.

It is a pretty good looking pizza. It is pretty good tasting too. A thin and crispy crust. Not so crispy on the bottom, but definitely on the outer edge. It was a little dry too, maybe due to the over cooking of the crust. The cheese and sauce were put on generously and in good ratio to each other. The sauce was a heavily spicy sauce. The cheese was decent but had a real salty and oily flavor and after taste.
I'd say overall the pizza is definitely a pizza I'd be happy with if I was drinking at the bar. Though it has some issues that doesn't make it near the best. It is definitely the best in El Segundo, in my opinion. In the close area there are 3 other places Stuft Pizza, Justa Pizza, and Hanks Pizza.

Vinny's Pizza
310 Grand Ave. El Segundo 90245
Price: $

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  1. great pizza recommendations even though I don't live in Cali.

  2. Hey hey JAB... Been reading your blog and thought I'd mention we're a new pizza in town and have set up shop at the Granada Hills Farmers Market (Rinaldi/ Hayvenhurst) on Friday evenings..

    Come stop by for a pie sometime!

    Here's a 'Napoletana '

  3. Also.... All these pizza reviews and no Masa in Echo Park?

    Worth a trip for the deep dish for sure. Hopefully you like garlic.

  4. This is some of the greatest pizza. I would invite all to try some of my favorite in the town of Park City Utah at a place called Davanzas. Its sooooo tasty

  5. was this newyork style pizza or pan pizza?

  6. I found this is one of the great restaurant of pizza which provide large varieties of pizza and the upper one is looking too great to eat. Usually pizza restaurants are so rare which provide large varieties.

  7. The pizza sure is delightful and stuffed! Yummy!

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Nice looking pizza! We had an awesome pizza with bbq sauce, chicken and blueberrries in Chatham that we simply

    loved. We've been experimenting with sauces and toppings ever since.Pizza Bar


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